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Online slots are the most popular gambling games played at internet casinos. There are numerous internet slots that one can play, these also allow CA players to play free online slots. Online slots Canada are digital versions of real-life slot machines. The games can be accessed on both mobile devices and desktops and you can play online slots for real money.

Online Casino Slots in Canada

Online slot machines come with either three or five-reel slots online. Canadian slots online machines are also known as ‘one arm bandit’ because it traditionally had a lever that a player would pull for the reels to spin. The lever has recently been replaced by a button. Although online slots for real money have different variations, they all still have the same features, such as gambling screens, spinning reels, bonus features, paylines and free spins. You can play slots online real money at any of the Canadian casino sites at any time.

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Canada Online Slots Types

As previously stated, all Canada slots online have the features, but there are variations of each. These are:

Three-Reel Online Slots

These slots online Canada contain three-reels and allow for players to win once they have match three identical symbols on the reels. The symbols can vary from 7’s, fruits and bars, which is dependent on the theme of the game.

Five-Reel Online Slots

Five-reel real money slots as the name suggests, contain five-reels, and the principals for three-reel slots apply. Players need to have five matching symbols to win. These Canada slots online offer high maximum bets and have a higher hit rate than three-reel slots. Five-reel slots have a second bonus screen and scatters which make the game more interesting. Five-reel slot machines can contain up to 1024-paylines.

Online Pub Slots

Pub slots are also known as English pub-style slots and contain a lovely jackpot of 1000 coins. The machines were designed following British fruit machines. The slot features hold and nudge a secret hidden bonus.

Progressive Online Slots

Progressive jackpot slots online come in the form of three and five-reel slots. These jackpot slots are slots that are linked with others. When a player places a bet, a small sum of the money goes into one combined jackpot. The player who is lucky enough to win the jackpot will receive all the money.

Free Spins Online Slots

Free spins are a slots bonus which allows you to play online slots for free. The bonus is triggered by a specific combination of symbols. Usually, the scatter symbols. Online slots free allow you to play slots without having to make a deposit or placing a bet. Free spins award the player with whatever they win. Free online slots allow players to learn the variations before selecting one. Therefore, we suggest that you play free slots online to get better acquainted with the games. Free slots online may have wagering requirements, however, these requirements are determined by your chosen online slots free casino.

The Rules of Online Slots

The rules of real money online slots Canada games are fairly simple to understand. The rules apply for all online slot variations. These rules are:

  • Players are required to place a bet before they can start to play online slots Canada real money.
  • The different number of coins and the coin denominations result in varying maximum and minimum bets. Although, when spinning progressive slots, it is advisable to always place the maximum bet.
  • When selecting a coin size, players must choose a coin size that suits their bankroll.
  • The spin button allows for final bets to be placed.
  • Once the reels stop, gamblers will get the results and see if they have spun a winning combination.
  • Some combinations trigger bonuses. This will lead to players being taken to the bonus screen.

Canadian Online Slots History

Slot games were invented by Sitman and Pitt, a company based in New York in 1891. They developed a gaming machine which consisted of five drums containing 50 playing cards. The game was derived from poker, with the objective of landing poker hands to be awarded a prize. The prizes were not in the form of money, but free beer, other drinks and cigars.

Charles Fey, a man from San Francisco, created the first official slot machine in 1895. The slot machine was known as the Liberty Bell. It had three-reels and loads of symbols, which included a horseshoe, spades, diamonds, a liberty bell and hearts. If a player got three liberty bell icons, they would have produced the highest winning combination.

Mills, a Chicago Manufacturer produced a slot machine called Bell in 1907. A year after the creation, the slot machine was found in most saloons, barbershops, cigar stores and bowling alleys. For decades on end, no changes were made to the slot machine, but this had no impact on the slots’ popularity.

Online Slots Glossary

To fully comprehend the rules and gameplay of the best online slots. Players need to know the following terms.


These are rectangular symbols with the word bar on it. These are the most common forms of symbols to appear on the reels. It can come in single, double, or triple forms.


This is the amount of money a gambler places on the best slots online before a spin.

Max Bet

This is the maximum amount of money that a player can bet to play slots online.

Bonus Game

These are events triggered by certain combinations. A player is awarded the opportunity to win extra.


This is the term used for a group of slot Canada machines.

Classic Slots

These slots are traditional and contain only some images.

Coin Size

This is the value of the coins that a player wants to place in Canadian slots online.

Coins Per Line

This is the number of coins a gambler bets on the paylines.


This is the value of a coin played in a specific slot.

Expanding Wild

This wild expands and can result in all the reels being filled.


These are bonuses associated with wilds.


This is the lines a player needs to land symbols on to create a winning combination.


This is the amount of money an online casino pays out if a player wins.


This is the corresponding payout for a winning combination.

Stacked Wilds

These are wilds that are stacked on top of one another on one reel.

Wild Symbol

This symbol replaces other symbols to form a successful combination.

Winning Combination

This is the possibilities displayed by the pay table, indicating which symbols will result in a player winning.

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